Stick and Stay

Leaders can create loyalty among A-Players through vision, value and reward.

Vision is not just for the company but for the people. Knowing your team’s strengths and weaknesses and who can and cannot move to the next phase is part of the vision. “Forward thinking” from a leader is like spinach to Popeye A-Player. (p. 192) A strong leader needs to be able to make projections as to the direction and growth of the organization and where each A-Player fits into the big picture to keep them energized.

Habakkuk 2:2 states, “Then the LORD answered me and said: “Write the vision and make it plain on tablets, that he may run who reads it.” (Blue Letter Bible) The leader must deliver the vision, goals strategy or next phase in a way that A-Players are motivated and can articulate it to others that will cause synergy. When people can see the end, they have a visual to follow-through for a successful outcome. Accomplishment is a beautiful thing! I remember when our bank hit a billion in assets. The company had a billion-dollar-bash for all employees and stakeholders. It was a great feeling to be a part of the landmark goal for our regional bank in that five year period of time. Every employee felt valued.

Where the A-Player takes ownership is also the place where the A-Player visualizes their value to help bring the vision pass. “Á-players don’t want to be taken for granted.” (Herrenkohl, 2010, p. 198) A synergistic culture creates a place for everyone to be an important part of the process. From the courier to the Chief Financial Officer, each person’s value should be expressed by senior management. It takes human capital to make it happen. A-Players should not be made into this elite group of untouchables, but they should be tangible to the worker bees. Value must be openly expressed and rewarded at every level.

Rewards are a result of measurable results. Measurable results also play a major role in the advancement of the company and the people. Goals that result in positive outcomes, gives A-Players a ladder for success. Incremental accomplishments add value not only in position but in dollars. These increments also allow for evaluation and change if necessary to reach the desired goal. I see it like a road map. There are landmarks along the way to let you know that you have made right turns or when you need to take an alternative route due to an unexpected change. A-Players are resourceful and flexible when there is a detour that causes a different route, yet yielding the same end results. Rewards in pay, recognition and promotion are incentives for them to stick and stay.

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