More options, More partnerships and More multi-level investments-Multitasking

I was once told that I was like a Swiss Army Knife. According to, this multifaceted tool is “a brand of multi-function pocket knife or multi-tool having a blade and various tools such as screwdrivers and can openers.” They were referring to the fact that I was could multi-task vey well. Multi-tasking feels like a juggling act sometimes, where I am not just working with like objects. Similar objects give you the same diameter, weight and overall feel. But when you are working with different things at the same time, you have a talent or special skill and Steven Schussler agrees. In It’s A Jungle In There, he shares, “Entrepreneurs often have three or four or five things going on simultaneously. It’s a disservice to tell them that they should be focused, because they are focused, but are thinking on multiple levels.” (2010, pg. 42) These multiple levels contribute to brain stimulation. For me it’s like playing one of those brain games. It keeps my mind sharp or some may say scattered.

What we have tagged as multi-tasking is … “now rapidly morphing into something that TRENDWATCHING.COM has dubbed HYPERTASKING: multitasking moving beyond the desktop and ferociously invading all aspects of daily life.”

Here are some interesting facts given by TRENDWATCHING.COM to support the alternative term…

  • BIGresearch claims 70 percent of media users consume more than one medium at a time. Of those who listen to radio, 53.7 percent are online, 46.9 percent are reading a newspaper and 17.7 percent are watching TV. Of those watching TV, 66.2 percent are online and 74.2 percent are reading a newspaper.
  • A well-known, yet still evolving example of people doing everything at the same time, and still keeping control of their work, home, and life: Starbucks’ partnership with T-Mobile, offering Wi-Fi hotspots in most of its cafes, thereby enabling HYPERTASKING customers to check email, look up data, meet up with friends, organize a business meeting; all away from the office or cramped living space.

Think about how many places have free Wi-Fi now. It’s the norm and we actually frequent lunch areas that have it. Free Wi-Fi equals an increase in sales. People are so connected to their electronic devices. We can’t imagine living without them. My Optometrist recently told me that they are having in teach the younger general to blink because their eyes are glued wide open to their cell phones. I knew I was not blinking enough when on my computer, but I never imagined it had gotten this bad, but yet it allows us to keep our rhythm as we are out and about.

For the entrepreneur, multi-tasking is a ways of life. Schussler believes “… my multitasking behavior allows me to give investors greater choice when it comes to investing in our projects. This kind of thinking offers more choices to business partners.” (pg. 43)

TRENDWATCHING.COM also believes,

“ If you’re a marketer or a manager, start thinking in HYPERTASKING terms whenever you’re trying to dream up new (or adapt existing) products and services to more versatile, on-the-go, in-control consumers busy doing many things at once. Or come up with innovative marketing and advertising campaigns that play to today’s multi-channel media consumption.”

Multitasking, hypertasking or whatever you want to call it, for an entrepreneur, equates to more options, more partnerships and more multi-level investments. “The future belongs to us multitaskers, so get on with all those things you were doing with a smile on your face.”(Schussler, pg. 43)

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