Who’s Driving Your Bus?



I have this saying “who’s driving your bus?” There are many people and things vying for our time which can not be redeemed. Are you true to yourself, your vision and your dreams? Stagnation creeps in, and you stop chasing dreams with moving parts and uncontrollable variables that push you out of your recliner into unknown risk. Every day that we decide to be present, whether in our homes, at work or in the marketplace we take risks. There are relationship risks (do they like me, am I funny enough, will they call me back). We take business risks (today I am going to stand for what is right and not for what is profitable). Alternatively, we ignore health risks (our internal alarm warning us of hidden dangers under our skin). Whoever or whatever gets the most attention is driving. Where are you going? Only time will tell. That is a lie for time cannot be recaptured. It just keeps slipping away.

Time is an “un-renewable currency.” Dr. Johnathan Welton, founder of the Welton Academy Supernatural Bible School, author and lecturer, believes, “All cultures and societies have currency, whether it is paper money or a barter/exchange system, at the root of it all is time. He calls it “Time-Wealth.” (2017, Welton) There are four stages of time-wealth that feed into entrepreneurship: selling your time, selling your knowledge, creating investments, and receiving inheritance.

Selling your time is working for an hourly wage. “When a sixteen-year-old wants to buy a $1000 car to get around town, typically he must get an hourly job …$10 a hour, the hours of his life are bought from him….” One hundred hours equal a hooptie. Selling your knowledge consists of gaining knowledge that “can be sold at a much higher rate than selling your time directly. For example, this would be a lawyer, author, doctor, mechanic, etc., essentially all specialized knowledge.” Creating investments, “…can provide a lot more time and freedom for the individual that is living in the knowledge level. By finding a way to create a system where paper money begets more paper money, this creates Time-Wealth because the money is making more of itself without time being used to create it.” Moreover, finally receiving an inheritance is generated from the creating investments. “[It] only comes because someone previous has gone through the first three levels, then they have passed the investments to the next generation without that generation having to go through the first three levels themselves” (Welton).

This time wealth model moves us from wage earner to entrepreneur for our children to imitate! We are teaching the next generation how to obtain wisdom to secure their future by our actions? We are providing a platform for leadership and business.

I found three character traits from Micha Kaufman’s article 10 Traits for Great Business Leaders (2014) that can help one get back in the driver’s seat and better manage time. Since we all can identify with our passion, the trait I will start with is a Singular Vision. Our many talents are not meant to be explored all at once. Kaufman says, “It all starts with an idea. Howard Schultz envisioned a single brand with coffeehouses across the globe. He turned that dream into a reality and founded Starbucks.” The next important driver trait would be Persistence. We have to keep it moving forward until that vision or dream is out of your head and in the homes of millions. “In the 1890s, Henry Ford came up with the Ford Quadricycle …it wasn’t a success. Ford later founded the Ford Motor F +0.00% Company [;] invented the Model T…, “and the rest is history. Finally and what I saw as most the most important trait, Can’t Get No Satisfaction. The sky is not the limit. There are countless galaxies beyond what we see. “Great business leaders are never satisfied and continually strive to take their business to the next level. As Ingvar Kamprad, the founder of IKEA, said, ‘The most dangerous poison is the feeling of achievement. The antidote is to every evening think what can be done better tomorrow'” (Kaufman). We were created to solve problems! We should be in relentless pursuit of problems to be solved.

The course of your life is in your hands. The decisions you make to take control of it and your time will change your life and others around you. Ultimately our perception and focus have to change. Our understanding gives us conviction, hope and determination to be doers. Our focus keeps us on track. One idea or invention can mean the difference between poverty or prosperity; mediocre or marvelous; and average or anomalous. Energy, money even our youth is renewable, but the one thing we cannot get back is time. Don‘t continue to let time and wealth fade into the distance.


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