Small Business & Technolgy Development Center SBTDC

I had the opportunity to visit my local SBTDC and I wanted to share the services they offer with you. This NC based service will give entrepreneurs a wealth of assistance with you start-up or existing business.

History of the SBTDC

Established in 1984 by The University of North Carolina system, the Small Business & Technology Development Center (SBTDC) provides counseling, management education, and specialized market development services designed to help businesses and organizations meet challenges, manage change, and plan for the future. With approximately 80 associates located across 16 campus-based centers, the SBTDC serves a diversity of clients, including small to medium-sized businesses, as well as university, non-profit, and government entities.

The SBTDC provides in-depth management counseling and education services designed to help business owners make better decisions in achieving their business goals.   Unlike consultants who work FOR businesses, SBTDC counselors are experienced and knowledgeable advisors that work WITH businesses, providing information, guidance, and feedback to entrepreneurs.  The efforts of SBTDC professional staff are supplemented by the engagement of students and faculty from all University of North Carolina system campuses and several private universities and colleges.

The basic counseling services are provided without charge, as the SBTDC is funded in part by federal and state tax dollars.  Additional services, including management education and in-depth marketing research, are provided on a cost-recovery basis.

Services offered through the SBTDC

  1. General Business Servicers
  2. Business & Management Advice
  3. Financial Assistance
  4. Financial Analysis
  5. Marketing Assistance
    • Explore into new geographies, customer segments, products/industries, marketing channels.
    • The SBTDC has experienced professionals that can help you:
    • Access federal, state, and local government contract opportunities
    • Commercialize new products / technologies
    • Identify international export opportunities
    • Develop an impactful marketing strategy
  6. Research
  7. Strategy Development & Implementation
  8. Leadership & employee Performance 


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