Greatest Marketing Campaign – Outdoor


McDonalds Light Burger and Light Fries

advertisement created by DDB, Hungary for McDonald’s

Description: McDonald’s wants to drive traffic to its McDrives, as well as celebrate their iconic products. The billboards depict an imagined long exposure shot, where the lights of cars on the road together make up the icon of a burger and a pack of fries. The billboards are placed near McDrives.

Objective: Directing traffic to McDonalds and illuminating it’s signature product; appeal-visual stimulus (has a northern lights aurora)

Target Market: All who love McDonalds burgers and fries

Call to Action: Stop in and celebrate with us

Value proposition: Open 24/7


McDonalds-i’m lovin’______; Agency-Cossette

Description: On Valentine’s day, McDonald’s slogan became a love letter. I’m lovin’ it, was changed to I’m lovin’ ____ . People were invited to comment their partner’s name on the brand’s social pages to have it appear on billboards and social media publications across Canada.

Objective: Increase social media interaction; appeal – emotion of love

Target Market: Couples

Call to Action: Let the one you love know it and everyone else too by logging into social media site

Value Proposition: Date night at McDonalds


Hot & Spicy-Shuttle

KFC-Hot & Spicy- Dragster

Description: KFC announcing their hot and spicy chicken through combustion

Objective: To show just how hot, hot & spicy chicken is; appeal-extreme comparison

Target Market: For those who can’t get enough of hot and spicy foods; an adventure for the tongue

Call to Action: Come in an take the ride (test it and see)

Value Proposition: Off the scale hot and spicy


Outer Banks Visitors Bureau – Cubicles; Agency-BooneOakley

DescriptionThis simple, voiceless campaign is titled “BOX –> OBX.” “OBX” is the Outer Banks’ signature oval destination sticker, as well as the first three characters on all Outer Banks license plates. “BOX,” of course, is what you might be in if you commute on smoggy 8-lane thruways or taxi through grid-locked city streets, if your eyes stay glued to a data-entry screen or you work late nights in a featureless complex. This campaign is like a traditional product demo (minus the shouting spokesperson), where you see the benefit happen in front of your eyes. Instead of the cleanser that removes grass and wine stains, or the knife so sharp it can cut a shoe, in our case, it’s the barrier islands that can cure the common city.”

Objective: Entice viewer to escape to the beach

Target Market: Professionals or blue collar workers

Call to Action: Ditch the boxed in office to freedom on the sands of OBX

Value Proposition: Freedom and Relaxation; Change of scenery ; a new monotony


KeVita-Alive Like You , 1; Agency-The Integer Group

Description: KEVITA LIVE PROBIOTIC DRINKS ARE ALIVE JUST LIKE YOU. Bubbling with live active cultures, Kevita probiotic drinks are ‘living liquids’ that revitalize you on the inside, so can feel truly alive on the outside. The campaign launches with films of real people sharing their stories of what it means to feel truly alive. From heartfelt aspiration and hard-won redemption to the life-affirming power of everyday joy, each film unpacks those life-defining moments with an intimate cinematic touch.

Objective: Promote the lifestyles that personify KeVita’s brand ideals; appeal-human joy in living

Target Market: Those whose thirst for life is equal to the life inside Kevita probiotic drinks.

Call to Action: come alive with this drink

Value Proposition: a product that gives you energy to make you come alive inside and to enjoy life



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