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Hyundai Genesis Sympathy Card to Competitors-Deepest Condolences

Description: Nothing expresses emotion quite like a greeting card. And Hyundai felt it to be the best way in expressing its condolences to four formidable speedsters its Genesis Coupe R-Spec beat out in recent track tests conducted by AMCI. To help soften the blow of defeat, INNOCEAN USA created a line of “Sympathy Cards” for each of the four competitors with the simple message “Sorry competition, nothing personal.”

Objective: to Promote new Hyundai Genesis Coupe; appeal-bragging rights

Target Market: Automotive Enthusiasts

Call to Action: This coupe will have you leaving other sports cars behind; Buy Hyundai

Value Proposition: track test results which are noted in the cards



Description: Campaign aimed at consumers open to the benefits of legalized, recreational marijuana. CBD oil, specifically, is a non psychoactive version (it won’t get you high because it lacks THC, weed’s main component for making you high) and is said to offer relief from pain, anxiety and depression, and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Objective: Offering an alternative to managing chronic pain without narcotic side effects; appeal-artistry-pipe hidden in word smoke cloud

Target Market: Individuals with Chronic Pain

Call to Action: stop using legalized marijuana

Value Proposition: better alternative relief for pain


Montage Health-Needs a Walk

Description: California’s Monterey County gets pushed to get healthy. Or at least, healthier. An integrated TV, digital, ambient, print and transit campaign touts kale, soccer, hiking and the gym—and disses donuts—while it also serves as the launch campaign for the newly formed, nonprofit Montage Health, Monterey, Calif.; appeal-humor

Objective:  To create awareness for the new health association, which offers health insurance, clinic and home care, wellness/fitness centers, and also includes the county’s largest hospital; the community goal is equally important, and that is to improve the county’s overall health.

Target Market: people who live in the county.

Call to ActionMonterey county was recently named California’s 22nd healthiest, and the campaign comes as a call to “do better.”

Value Proposition: motivation for an entire county to do it together and bring up their ratings


Hoscox-Women vs the Glass Ceiling; Agency-Gyro

DescriptionHiscox unveiled a powerful, strongly worded new ad in honor of International Women’s Day. The full-page ad, which ran in The New York Times, applauds women who courageously continue to break through the glass ceiling. It is the next evolution of the successful “I’mpossible” campaign created by gyro New York; appeal-a woman’s strength attributed to a hammer

Objective: Celebrate women – International Women’s Day

Target Market: Corporate America

Call To Action: Recognize women for their strength, courage, endurance and tenacity

Value Proposition: Women are making “it” happen every day


Chicago Sun Times-The Blank Newspaper Cover

Description: The Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago’s oldest paper, is being transformed and has recently rebranded as “The Hardest Working Paper in America.” To signal the reset and compel readers to imagine the city without the paper, they left their most valuable piece of real-estate – the cover itself – blank; appeal- sympathy

Objective: Increase digital and overall subscriptions

Target Market: Digital readers

Value Position: history; rebranding and commitment to elevate content




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