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You only fail if you quit…

Eyes on Mexico

There is something about time that makes you wiser and stronger if you will allow it to transform you. I don’t mean change, but truly transform. I know there are some mornings I go through two suits, three blouses and four pairs of shoes until I get the fit and feel for that day, which happens to be the first suit, second blouse and third pair of shoes. So change is interchangeable depending on your mood, perspective or your preference. But transformation comes with a type of metamorphosis where you’ll never be the same; that caterpillar to butterfly kind of thing; a total unrecognizable chain reaction that literally causes you to take flight. And the beauty of it all is that you are equipped with everything necessary to make it happen.

That which stands in between the transformation is time and season. If the caterpillar’s life-changing process is interrupted, it dies. Failure is interruption that could cause your life-changing process (dreams) to die. Getting knocked off your twig by nature (failed attempts) can cripple and crush you transformation. But you have to set your eyes on Mexico; you must take flight or death is inevitable. The transformation is necessary for the journey to a warmer climate (better days). If you do not transform, you die from the cold (giving up). You only fail if you quit.

In his book It’s A Jungle In There, Steven Schussler gives three things to learn from failure to graduate to success. One, failure isn’t permanent. You are working with an EXPO marker and not a SHARPIE. “Failure should act as a stimulus, not paralysis.” (2010, pg. 141) An entrepreneur should have the capacity to get back up again. Two, failure should bring humility. “You need to be humbled by your mistakes, not crippled by them.” (pg. 142) Check your ego and how highly you think of yourself. Humility gives you a window seat to the truth. Your idea wasn’t as great as you thought it was or you aren’t as invincible as you thought you were. Thirdly, failure translates into appreciating success-“…how precious it is to achieve and how difficult it is to maintain.” (pg. 142) Each success is a milestone to be celebrated and treasured. Failures transform you, successes transforms others. Your failures forerun a path for others to learn from and avoid.

We are far greater than the butterfly dangling from that twig with hopes of continued life. Life continues when you recover and keep it moving. Time has shown me those things that I counted as failures like my marriage ending in divorce, loss of that significant job where I had influence and power, or not spending enough quality time with my daughter because I am tired and she thinks I work too much were merely reminders that the life-changing process is just that, a process. As I journey on this entrepreneurial landscape, I’ll keep my eyes on Mexico and never quit … How about you?

Schussler, Steven. (2010) It’s A Jungle In There. New York: Sterling Publishing Co. Inc.

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