Your Repetition-Your Reputation

In his book Poverty, Riches & Wealth, Chris Vallotton makes the title statement “your repetition becomes your reputation” that is a game changer for anyone who is starting a new business in an existing market. He explains that businesses are based on trust, not your product or service. “Trust means that you create expectations that you will fulfill consistently. The fastest way to break trust is to overpromise and underperform.” Have you considered your relationship building skills here? People do business with people, not bricks and mortar. Many businesses offer the same products or services, but what is going to make yours a success? You…your decisions, your problem resolutions, your word. Once you set a standard, how will you maintain it in the lean times and in the fruitful times. Your customer should not be able to tell the difference. Your repeat performance will create a reputation that will precede you in the marketplace, ultimately creating a valuable addition to your town.

I suggest that you consider a way for customers to provide genuine feedback. It is important for our present and future. Allow them to let you know what you’re doing great as well as what you could be doing even better. The open communication will create relationships – what business is all about!

Vallotton, C. (2018). Poverty, Riches & Wealth. Bloomington, MN: Chosen Books.

2 thoughts on “Your Repetition-Your Reputation”

  1. Reputation is such an important part of business. This was a good topic to write about. If there is one thing people tend to share more often than not, it is negative experiences. So it is important for business owners and their employees to make a good impression, provide a good and valuable service, follow through, and follow up.

    1. I learned in banking that people bank with people and not buildings. It is that person care that we receive and with our businesses, that we give which makes a customer a partner. As we view them as partners they become more valuable to us. Therefore spreading the good word about our business.

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