An Invitation by Incentives

The PALACE Radio Promo

One way to stir interest for your business is to offer incentives for trying your product or service. As part of the grand opening celebration for The PALACE, I decided to offer a chance to win a free themed birthday on us. What better way to have an opportunity to experience a new party place than to enjoy it at our expense. Take a listen to the Radio Promo above…

The PALACE-Elevator Pitch

“The Place to Make Drams a Reality”

Whenever you are considering a new venture, you must assess the market to see if your great idea is filling a need. We are created to solve problems; even ones that the consumer doesn’t realize that they have yet. Elizabeth Cityans are accustomed to traveling to Virginia for all the special things that can not be found in our town…fine dining, upscale shopping, and entertainment. We travel across the border for goods and services. I attended a themed party in Virginia and thought that we could use this service in Elizabeth City; which is centrally located within 25 radius of 6 counties. I believe in keeping tax dollars in our state. Take a look at this extended pitch value position video for The Palace and let me know if you think there is a market for it in Elizabeth City.

JustGiving Crowdfunding

“Making Good Things Happen”

JustGiving is a global online social platform for giving. It currently has over 22 million people supporting charity and personal causes. It has helped people in 164 countries raise over $4.5 billion for good causes…

Here is a presentation that will tell you about JustGiving and show how easy it is to join this giving community.