Direct Reponse Tool: Testing & Analysis

For the direct response marketing tool, I chose a radio promo. The promo was just under 60 seconds, but it was filled with just enough information to get a response; especially when the gift is a free custom-theme birthday party. Consumers can easily book these types of parties in Virginia, which is approximately 45 minutes away. The PALACE will offer theme parties in the heart of the Harbor of Hospitality, Elizabeth City.

The radio ad asks listeners to “email us about your child’s favorite character and what would make a magical party for them at for a monthly chance to win their next celebration at the PALACE.” Listeners are unaware that the basic party starts at $250.

I chose 4 adults who were related to the ideal clients (children ages 4-12); two mothers, an aunt and an uncle. I found that Aunts and Uncles give great gifts to their favorites nieces and nephews, so they could be approached about winning a party. I wanted to know what they perceived as a fantastic party. And I must say they were very creative. Adults have the imaginations of children. Children are easier to please than adults and if I can WOW the adults, they will tell their friends. One wanted a Frozen theme BIG cake from KROGER, but we can go an extra step and obtain a cake like in the movie. Another wanted a Black Panther party with a Saharan theme and masks. Their responses gave me a gauge for the party enhancements.


“I am very interested in having a birthday party for my nephew at the PALACE! My nephew is a huge Black Panther fan and I would love for you to decorate the event in that theme. I am thinking maybe a Sub-Saharan Africa setting with tribal masks and the like. Of course, because Black Panther is a king, he thinks HE is a king. My goal is to make him King on his birthday! Please let me know if you can host the event. I would love to hear your ideas. Also, what are the cost associated with having the birthday  party at the PALACE. I look forward to hearing from you! Wakanda forever! 🙂 “

My daughters favorite character is Elsa from Frozen. What would really make her party special would be a Frozen theme party.  I imagine that the room would be decorated like an ice castle with supplies and decorations of Elsa.  And to make them feel extra special, we’ll need a photographer to capture candid shots and provide a backdrop of Elsa and the frozen kingdom so that beautiful pictures can be taken to savor the memories. For food, we’ll have tables designed in the frozen theme and serve foods that kids love, serve blue punch and design a special frozen candy bar.”

I responded back to them with the PALACE brochure and assurance of our ability to make dreams come true. I asked for an opportunity to speak with them with positive responses. I had fun reading their dream parties for the kid, bringing out the kid in them.

Radio Promo Pilot – The PALACE

Parties are about good times, good friends and good memories. And that is exactly what the PALACE does-provides a place for children, (including their families and friends) to get together in costume to transform into their favorite princess, rock/pop star, diva or runway model, to take the stage as their favorite action figures or super heroes and we capture lasting memories for these little superstars.

Take a listen at this Pilot radio promo…..

Don’t forget to email the PALACE at for a monthly chance for your child to be selected to be our guest for a free party!

Movie Review Reflection-Ms. Evers’ Boys

As a Research Compliance Officer, I tried to add diverse opportunities for face-to-face discussion to the ethics education program. I am charged with creating thought provoking and meaning discussions on ethics, compliance and corporate governance. I offer lectures, sponsor hosted webinars, simulations, group discussions. I chose to share an ethics movie review of Ms. Evers’ Boys. This movie gives an amazing account of the true story of the U.S. Government’s 1932 Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, in which a group of black test subjects were allowed to die, despite a cure having been developed.

 We viewed this movie through the lenses of three fundamental ethical principles for using any human subjects for research:


All principles of the Belmont Report were violated in this movie. There were a series of conflicts of interest all of which evolved from this place of greater good for the race.

My main goal was to offer an entertaining way see human condition, human nature and human compassion braided together to create a bond between Ms. Evers and the men she recruited, deceived, care for and unselfishly dedicated her life. You will see the pressure to produce results by any means; to have fame that was marked as notoriety. So many elements of human subject protections were violated in this film for what was promoted as for the good.

The Original Ms. Evers’ Boys



Research Ethics Movie Review- “MISS EVERS’ BOYS” Announcement

ENT 645 – Professional Presentation Announcement

Apr 10

Research Ethics Review “Miss Evers’ Boys”

Hosted by ECSU-Sponsored Programs, Contracts & Grants

Office of Research Compliance


The Tuskegee Study of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male, also known as the Tuskegee Syphilis Study or Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment was an infamous clinical study conducted between 1932 and 1972 by the U.S. Public Health Service. The purpose of this study was to observe the natural progression of untreated syphilis in rural African-American men in Alabama under the guise of receiving free health care from the United States government.


The true story of the U.S. Government’s 1932 Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, in which a group of black test subjects were allowed to die, despite a cure having been developed.

Director: Joseph Sargent

Writers: David Feldshuh (play), Walter Bernstein (teleplay)

Stars: Alfre Woodard, Laurence Fishburne, Craig Sheffer

The Office of Research Compliance for Sponsored Programs, Contracts and Grants will host this movie for a group discussion on Human Subjects Protection in Research.

Date and Time

Mon, April 10, 2017

3:30 PM – 6:00 PM EDT

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Elizabeth City State University Khan Planetarium, Elizabeth City State University

1704 Weeksville Rd Elizabeth City, NC 27909

Limited seating

The PALACE Value Proposition

ENT 645 Entrepreneurial Marketing-Extended Pitch

This extended pitch presentation for a new party venue is an opportunity to take a look into our dream, the PALACE.

The PALACE is the place to make dreams a reality by creating unique, high-quality children’s theme parties that are magical and memorable for our guests.

Please click on the link below to access the brochure, which I will reference in the presentation


Greatest Marketing Campaign-Print


Hyundai Genesis Sympathy Card to Competitors-Deepest Condolences

Description: Nothing expresses emotion quite like a greeting card. And Hyundai felt it to be the best way in expressing its condolences to four formidable speedsters its Genesis Coupe R-Spec beat out in recent track tests conducted by AMCI. To help soften the blow of defeat, INNOCEAN USA created a line of “Sympathy Cards” for each of the four competitors with the simple message “Sorry competition, nothing personal.”

Objective: to Promote new Hyundai Genesis Coupe; appeal-bragging rights

Target Market: Automotive Enthusiasts

Call to Action: This coupe will have you leaving other sports cars behind; Buy Hyundai

Value Proposition: track test results which are noted in the cards



Description: Campaign aimed at consumers open to the benefits of legalized, recreational marijuana. CBD oil, specifically, is a non psychoactive version (it won’t get you high because it lacks THC, weed’s main component for making you high) and is said to offer relief from pain, anxiety and depression, and have anti-inflammatory properties.

Objective: Offering an alternative to managing chronic pain without narcotic side effects; appeal-artistry-pipe hidden in word smoke cloud

Target Market: Individuals with Chronic Pain

Call to Action: stop using legalized marijuana

Value Proposition: better alternative relief for pain


Montage Health-Needs a Walk

Description: California’s Monterey County gets pushed to get healthy. Or at least, healthier. An integrated TV, digital, ambient, print and transit campaign touts kale, soccer, hiking and the gym—and disses donuts—while it also serves as the launch campaign for the newly formed, nonprofit Montage Health, Monterey, Calif.; appeal-humor

Objective:  To create awareness for the new health association, which offers health insurance, clinic and home care, wellness/fitness centers, and also includes the county’s largest hospital; the community goal is equally important, and that is to improve the county’s overall health.

Target Market: people who live in the county.

Call to ActionMonterey county was recently named California’s 22nd healthiest, and the campaign comes as a call to “do better.”

Value Proposition: motivation for an entire county to do it together and bring up their ratings


Hoscox-Women vs the Glass Ceiling; Agency-Gyro

DescriptionHiscox unveiled a powerful, strongly worded new ad in honor of International Women’s Day. The full-page ad, which ran in The New York Times, applauds women who courageously continue to break through the glass ceiling. It is the next evolution of the successful “I’mpossible” campaign created by gyro New York; appeal-a woman’s strength attributed to a hammer

Objective: Celebrate women – International Women’s Day

Target Market: Corporate America

Call To Action: Recognize women for their strength, courage, endurance and tenacity

Value Proposition: Women are making “it” happen every day


Chicago Sun Times-The Blank Newspaper Cover

Description: The Chicago Sun-Times, Chicago’s oldest paper, is being transformed and has recently rebranded as “The Hardest Working Paper in America.” To signal the reset and compel readers to imagine the city without the paper, they left their most valuable piece of real-estate – the cover itself – blank; appeal- sympathy

Objective: Increase digital and overall subscriptions

Target Market: Digital readers

Value Position: history; rebranding and commitment to elevate content




Greatest Marketing Campaign – Outdoor


McDonalds Light Burger and Light Fries

advertisement created by DDB, Hungary for McDonald’s

Description: McDonald’s wants to drive traffic to its McDrives, as well as celebrate their iconic products. The billboards depict an imagined long exposure shot, where the lights of cars on the road together make up the icon of a burger and a pack of fries. The billboards are placed near McDrives.

Objective: Directing traffic to McDonalds and illuminating it’s signature product; appeal-visual stimulus (has a northern lights aurora)

Target Market: All who love McDonalds burgers and fries

Call to Action: Stop in and celebrate with us

Value proposition: Open 24/7


McDonalds-i’m lovin’______; Agency-Cossette

Description: On Valentine’s day, McDonald’s slogan became a love letter. I’m lovin’ it, was changed to I’m lovin’ ____ . People were invited to comment their partner’s name on the brand’s social pages to have it appear on billboards and social media publications across Canada.

Objective: Increase social media interaction; appeal – emotion of love

Target Market: Couples

Call to Action: Let the one you love know it and everyone else too by logging into social media site

Value Proposition: Date night at McDonalds


Hot & Spicy-Shuttle

KFC-Hot & Spicy- Dragster

Description: KFC announcing their hot and spicy chicken through combustion

Objective: To show just how hot, hot & spicy chicken is; appeal-extreme comparison

Target Market: For those who can’t get enough of hot and spicy foods; an adventure for the tongue

Call to Action: Come in an take the ride (test it and see)

Value Proposition: Off the scale hot and spicy


Outer Banks Visitors Bureau – Cubicles; Agency-BooneOakley

DescriptionThis simple, voiceless campaign is titled “BOX –> OBX.” “OBX” is the Outer Banks’ signature oval destination sticker, as well as the first three characters on all Outer Banks license plates. “BOX,” of course, is what you might be in if you commute on smoggy 8-lane thruways or taxi through grid-locked city streets, if your eyes stay glued to a data-entry screen or you work late nights in a featureless complex. This campaign is like a traditional product demo (minus the shouting spokesperson), where you see the benefit happen in front of your eyes. Instead of the cleanser that removes grass and wine stains, or the knife so sharp it can cut a shoe, in our case, it’s the barrier islands that can cure the common city.”

Objective: Entice viewer to escape to the beach

Target Market: Professionals or blue collar workers

Call to Action: Ditch the boxed in office to freedom on the sands of OBX

Value Proposition: Freedom and Relaxation; Change of scenery ; a new monotony


KeVita-Alive Like You , 1; Agency-The Integer Group

Description: KEVITA LIVE PROBIOTIC DRINKS ARE ALIVE JUST LIKE YOU. Bubbling with live active cultures, Kevita probiotic drinks are ‘living liquids’ that revitalize you on the inside, so can feel truly alive on the outside. The campaign launches with films of real people sharing their stories of what it means to feel truly alive. From heartfelt aspiration and hard-won redemption to the life-affirming power of everyday joy, each film unpacks those life-defining moments with an intimate cinematic touch.

Objective: Promote the lifestyles that personify KeVita’s brand ideals; appeal-human joy in living

Target Market: Those whose thirst for life is equal to the life inside Kevita probiotic drinks.

Call to Action: come alive with this drink

Value Proposition: a product that gives you energy to make you come alive inside and to enjoy life



Greatest Marketing Campaigns-Television



Johnson & Johnson/Motrin
J. Walter Thompson, 2017  & Multicultural Excellence Award, 2017



Johnson & Johnson/Motrin
J. Walter Thompson, 2017  & Multicultural Excellence Award, 2017

/Description: Motrin is supporting women who are in pain.

Objective: To show women that you can overcome through the pain and you can do the impossible for you. Compassion and strength are the appeals

Target Market: Women living with pain

Call to Action: Use Motrin to relieve pain

Value Proposition: testimonials create a safe place for women to receive support


Sprint Alma DDB, 2017

Multicultural Excellence Award 2017

Greatest Hits

Description: Sprint decides to embed brand and promo messages through Latin Music Lyrics; showing clips performed by famous Latin artists like Rickey Martin and Jose Feliciano to name a few. Appeal through songs made popular by these artists

Objective: Increase sales

Target Market: Latino communities

Call to Action: purchase SPRINT cellular service

Value position: Unlimited Data Anywhere Anytime



Xoom, Keyframe, Inc. 2017

Multicultural Excellence Award 2017

LOL Comedy Series 2

Description:  A young man is grateful for his mother’s help getting him through college so he is sending her money electronically. It shows all the negative consequences that affected his mother when he used another money transfer service. Appeal through humor

Objective: To persuade viewer to use Xoom for online money tranfers by showing all the negative consequences that affected his mother when he used another money transfer service. Appeal through humor

Target Market: Filipinos (22-35)

Call to Action: do not let your mother suffer because of your ignorance in selecting the best service

Value Proposition: When mother is happy, everyone is happy



Jockey International, 2017; Multicultural Excellence Award 2017

Show ‘Em What’s Underneath

Objective: Motivate Veterans; there is life beyond what happen. This ad shows a young Navy Vet who has embraced his loss with determination to live.

Target market: Veteran and military men

Call to Action: You have to keep pushing through adversity against all odds; never stop showing up

Value Position: Life Events change how you do things but not who you are


Ford Motor Co., UniWorld Group, 2017-Multicultural Excellence Award 2017

Expo Speaker

Description: Young African American Female appears to be rehearsing her speak for and EXPO, but when we get to listen inside she is psyching herself up rapping to a song on the radio.

Objective: Sell more Ford Vehicles

Target market: African American Women

Call to Action: Make a bold statement by driving a Ford

Value Position: Long legacy of dependability and now adding more style